Walgreens Review

walgreensI used to love going to Walgreens but today, I have decided that I will no longer shop there.  Here is a review about my service…

I had my 4 year old son with me who I can honestly say is not the most well behaved child however he isn’t much different from other 4 year olds.  He wanted to touch everything and he wanted me to buy everything for him.  We were in the shampoo isle and I was searching for a hair product when he was taking stuff off of the shelf and putting it in different places or knocking things over.  I was correcting him every time while trying to find my item.  There was a lady who was stocking items in the same isle who decided to walk directly in front of me to put a bottle of hairspray up and I thought it was rude that she did not say excuse me but I let it go.  In the meantime, as she is so rudely leaning over in front of me, I told my son to put the shampoo back where he got it.  She decided to take it upon herself and take the item out of his hand and said, “That doesn’t go there.”  At that point I was not happy.  I said, “As you just heard I told him to put it back where it belongs, you do not need to take anything out of his hand, he will do it.”  She replied and said, “I know but I have other items that I need to put in this area.”  I said, “Could you be anymore rude…you couldn’t wait 30 more seconds for me to find what I was looking for or better yet, ask if you could help me find something?”  I grabbed my son and headed to the cashier to purchase my other items.  She too was less than pleasant…no greeting, no thank you.  I have never encountered this type of service before so I was surprised but after today, I won’t encounter it there again today.

Unfortunately, you will just hit bad service on occasion.  Walgreens just lost a very long term customer due to their bad service.  I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Another example of bad service at Walgreens