Virtual Surge Baltimore SEO Review

24122_Virtual_Surge_Logo_2 (1)If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to get your business name to the top spots on Google.  I have a side business and decided to hire someone to do my search engine optimization services.  They offered a reasonable monthly price and pretty much guaranteed to get my website in the top spots.  Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that they were not able to do what they promised.  I wasted a few thousand dollars only to move up to page three of Google.

Then I met Shannon.  We were engaging in general conversation when I asked her what she did.  She told me that she provided search engine optimization services and I began to tell her about my prior experience.  She kind of giggled and told me that she has heard it many times before.  Not just about the company I used both other search engine companies.  She began to give me tips on what to look out for when hiring an online marketing company and of course she offered to do it for me.  Days later we reconnected to discuss her services in further detail.  She was able to provide me with reporting on where I stood that day as far as my presence online and also provided me with a list of things that she could do for me.  When I saw the price, I immediately wanted to tell her that there was no way in hell.  She reminded me that as long as I continued to invest money into people with low monthly costs, that I will continue to waste money.  After talking for a while, we came up with a plan that was more affordable to at least get my campaign started and then if I felt like I wanted to continue and get the top results we could talk.

A month later, I already saw a much better social media presence and saw my website move further up in the search engines.  I decided to take the plunge and invest fully in her services.  I could not have asked for more better service.  She did what she said she would do.  My website was on the first page of Google!  It took a few months but that is normal.  My business has increased significantly and the money I have made from the increased business surpassed beyond my initial investment.  I highly recommend SEO Baltimore, Virtual Surge.  I refer them to everyone I know and I will be sure to continue using her maintenance plan to keep my site at the top of the search engines.

To learn more about Shannon’s SEO services, visit Virtual Surge or check out the video below.