Sites for the Best Online Reviews

Sites for the Best Online Reviews

Today, online shopping has drastically changed the way we shop and the way we choose our products. One thing has truly shifted; whom we listen to when it comes to recommendations. Today 57 percent of consumers rely on online reviews for products they are considering and will take the opinion of a stranger over that of a family member of close friend. There are some top review sites that give a clear view of what customers are really thinking.

Amazon has a great platform for customers to review everything from paperback books to electronics or even articles of clothing. Customers have the chance to rate items with stars and then defend their rating with comments. This gives buyers a quick visual of others’ opinions on each item.

Consumer Reports is a buyer platform where shoppers can let one another know when a product lives up to its promises or if it really is too good to be true. The professionals on the site will let you know if they have personally tested the product and give you a breakdown of everything it can do.

Epinions is a site that prides itself on its lack of bias and focuses on a straightforward look at all kinds of products. Each review comes with a star rating and a quick glance at the pros and cons of each item being discussed. The reviews read more like a casual conversation and the site is easy to use.

Revoo is a new site that takes a more comprehensive look at reviewing products. Here you can find full case studies as well as guarantees that their reviews are 100 percent authentic and independently collected by actual customers. It also features a blog with lots of advice on how to use customer feedback.

Wearable Technology World

If you are into wearable technology, you will find Wearable Technology World be the best place to visit for reviews on the most up-to-date technology that you can wear.