Rita’s Italian Ice

ritasI am not sure if Rita’s Italian Ice is a national chain or more of a local mid-east establishment but I felt the need to share my thoughts on it.

It is by far my favorite place to get custard and Italian ice.  Although the prices are higher than I would prefer to pay, the taste and enjoyment I get from everything I order there is worth the extra.

Today I went and there was a small sign that due to the shortage of eggs (I wasn’t aware of that) that they no longer had custard and were serving soft ice cream instead.  I LOVE soft ice cream (and custard) but have had some soft ice cream that I didn’t absolutely love.  I am happy to say that the soft ice cream was almost as good as the custard.  It had the same creamy and smooth texture so that was good enough for me.

My favorite flavored ice is cherry as is my son’s.  We like to stick our red tongues out and laugh.  It is the little things in life that can make us so happy.  My son and Rita’s are two of those things for me!  As the picture shows, “ice custard happiness”…I conquer.  🙂

I do wonder if they will bring back the custard. It is what the consumers love the most!