Dutch Wonderland Review

dutch-wonderland-castleToday I wanted to do a review on Dutch Wonderland because it is my son’s favorite place.  For anyone living on the East Coast, Dutch Wonderland is a young child’s heaven. Dutch Wonderland is an amusement park located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The park caters to children up to age 6. They have a water park and many rides.  There are rides for the very young children and rides for some of the older children.  My son was determined to ride the big kids roller coaster.  You have to meet certain height requirements but he is tall for his age so he was able to ride it.  It was a bit much for him and he no longer wants to ride roller coasters.  The big kids roller coaster is an older type of roller coaster so it really knocks you around.

My son loves to ride the train which takes you on a scenic tour of the park.  It is located at the entrance of the park and is a good way to start the day so that you can see where the rides are and which way to go.

As you walk around the park you will find a lot of ducks roaming around.  You will also find some characters and musicians.  There are plenty of concession stands and an eatery.  You can also bring your food but you cannot bring it into the park.  They have a picnic area outside of the park.

Although it is about a 90 minute drive, I bought season passes for my son and I since he loves it there and it is a good way to keep him occupied.  In the Fall they have a Halloween weekend where all of the kids dress up and there is a trick or treating area.  In the cooler months, they have a Winter event but we have not experienced that yet.  Perhaps this year we will.  I give Dutch Wonderland a high review.  We have always been satisfied with our visits.

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